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We prioritize your security with our comprehensive and rigorous identity verification system. Our platform is meticulously designed to verify the identity of every participant, whether an individual or a company. This meticulous process involves several layers of checks and balances, ensuring that every entity on our platform is authenticated and legitimate.

Our verification system is not just about ensuring compliance; it’s about building a foundation of trust. In the world of international B2B transactions, the importance of knowing with whom you are doing business cannot be overstated. Our system provides that certainty, enabling you to establish and maintain business relationships with confidence.

Moreover, our identity verification process is continuously updated to adhere to the highest bank industry standards and to address the evolving challenges in digital security. We employ advanced technologies and best practices to protect your data and ensure that the integrity of our platform is never compromised.

Marvinet’s verification system is a cornerstone in our software, reflecting our commitment to creating a secure and trustworthy environment for all our users. By ensuring accurate identification of all participants, we not only protect your business but also foster an ecosystem where reliable and lasting business relationships can flourish.

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How users and companies are verified

Before being allowed to operate within our platform, all users and companies undergo a rigorous verification process through identity and legitimacy checks to operate on behalf of their respective companies.

Through our verifications, we can ensure the safety and full transparency of our platform, thus contributing to an additional layer of security for our users.

At Marvinet, we recognise the importance of user and company verification in maintaining the integrity of our platform. Through the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence-based technologies and strict verification procedures, we are committed to providing a secure and transparent trading experience for all our valued users.

How we conduct Users and Companies verification process

At Marvinet, our approach to verifying users and companies is grounded in rigor and diligence, encapsulating both Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) protocols. This dual-layer verification process is integral to our operations, ensuring that every individual and entity on our platform adheres to the highest standards of authenticity and compliance.

The KYC process is the first line of defense against fraud and financial crime. It involves verifying the identity of individual users, assessing their risk profiles, and continuously monitoring their activities. This step is crucial in building a secure and trustworthy environment for all our users.

In parallel, the KYB procedure extends these checks to the corporate level, scrutinizing business entities for legitimacy, financial stability, and regulatory compliance. By requiring KYB verifications, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the businesses on our platform, including their ownership structures, operational histories, and market reputations.

The rationale behind implementing both KYC and KYB verifications is straightforward yet profound. In the intricate web of international trade, the assurance of dealing with verified individuals and legitimate businesses is paramount. This thorough vetting process not only safeguards our platform against illicit activities but also fortifies the confidence our users place in us and in each other.


Our Know Your Customer (KYC) process is streamlined and efficient, thanks to our partnership with Veriff, a leading provider of automated identity verification services. This integration allows us to offer our users a straightforward and user-friendly verification experience.

The procedure begins as soon as a user signs up on Marvinet. The user is guided to Veriff’s automated platform, where they are requested to provide necessary identification documents. This can include government-issued IDs, passports, or driving licenses. Veriff’s advanced technology then analyzes these documents for authenticity, ensuring that the information provided matches the user’s profile.

In addition to document verification, Veriff incorporates biometric analysis, such as facial recognition, to further authenticate the user’s identity. This step adds an extra layer of security, confirming that the person creating the account is indeed the owner of the provided documents.

The entire process is quick and requires minimal effort from the user, yet it maintains a high level of accuracy and security. Once the verification is complete, the user is approved to proceed with KYB verification process on Marvinet. This efficient and automated KYC process not only adheres to global compliance standards but also enhances user experience by making the onboarding process smooth and hassle-free.


Our Know Your Business (KYB) process is conducted with meticulous attention to detail by our dedicated team, in collaboration with our escrow partner. This manual verification process ensures a thorough and personalized review of every business that joins our platform.

The KYB process begins when a company registers with Marvinet. Our team, together with our escrow partner, initiates a comprehensive evaluation of the business. This includes a review of the company’s registration documents, ownership structure, and operational history. We scrutinize business licenses, articles of incorporation, and other relevant legal documents to confirm the legitimacy and legal standing of the business.

In addition to document verification, our team conducts a detailed analysis of the company’s financial health and market reputation. We look into public records, financial statements, and even media reports to gather a complete picture of the company’s operations and standing in the industry.

This hands-on approach allows us to understand the businesses on our platform deeply, ensuring that they align with our standards of integrity and compliance. The involvement of our escrow partner in this process adds an extra layer of security and expertise, especially in evaluating the financial aspects of the businesses.


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Verification FAQ

Questions or concerns about our verification process?
Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you.

How does the Marvinet verification process work?

Marvinet considers the security of its users to be a key element of its service. In order to protect the legitimacy and security of all users registered on the platform, Marvinet requires each of its users to complete an onboarding process aimed at legitimizing the legitimacy and existence of each company and user that registers on the platform.
Our control and verification systems allow us to accurately certify:


  • The existence and legitimacy of each company on the platform
  • The legitimacy of each user connected to the platform
  • Absence of tax fraud/bankruptcy reports against users registered on the platform
What happens if I do not pass the verification process?

If you do not pass Marvinet’s verification process, your account may be limited in the functionality available on the platform or even permanently deleted.

An unverified account will not be able to perform transactions and trading within the platform and will not be able to communicate with other users.

Cases in which your account may not be accepted on the platform include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Failure to provide the required tax documentation at the time of registration
  • Failure or fraudulent submission of KYC (Know Your Customer) verification information
  • Tax domicile in one (or more) of the blacklisted countries
  • Existence of historical records related to fraudulent or bankruptcy activities
  • Corporate ownership by persons meeting one or more of the above criteria
Do I have to verify my identity every time I use Marvinet?

No, once your identity has been verified on Marvinet, you can use the account without having to repeat the verification process each time. For some specific borderline cases, you may be required to periodically supplement some previously uploaded documents. Example: expired identity document.
In any case, Marvinet reserves the right to request additional documentation at its sole discretion.

How can I be sure that a company registered on the platform remains legitimate?

At Marvinet, we are always at the forefront of ensuring the security of our users. To this end, we work with the best business partners who allow us to conduct continuous monitoring operations against all participants in the Marvinet network. In the event of negative records against one of our users, we guarantee immediate action, which, depending on the case, may result in temporary or permanent exclusion from using our platform.

What documents are required for verification on Marvinet?

For verification on Marvinet, documents such as a copy of an ID, proof of business legitimacy and other relevant information may be required. All users participating in the platform are also required to provide proof of identity by means of a short video clip, similar to the activation of other services (phone cards, bank accounts, etc.).

What is KYC and KYB?

KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) are verification processes that Marvinet uses to identify and authenticate users and companies, ensuring a secure and reliable business environment. Given the presence of banking activities in the platform, we are required to provide security and user control standards equivalent to those of a traditional banking system.

What is your data management and sharing policy?

Marvinet has a strict data management and sharing policy that ensures the confidentiality and security of user information. The data collected from users is only used internally within the platform and is only shared with our direct partners who use it to deliver the services offered. These partners are, for example: escrow agents, integrated logistics services, etc.
The data of the users registered on the platform and the data of the associated companies will not be shared externally for any purpose whatsoever.

What certifications do you have for this your verification system?

Marvinet adheres to relevant industry standards and certifications to ensure reliability and compliance of verification activities. By working closely with our partners, the Marvinet platform operates within the full scope of international regulations governing economic and transport movements.

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