Escrow Payment Protection

Our Secure Infrastructure for funds transfer in your deals.

An anti-fraud system guaranteed by a third party.

Escrow deposit for your Transactions

At Marvinet, we prioritize the security and assurance of each transaction through our robust escrow service. The escrow deposit plays a pivotal role in safeguarding both parties involved in a trade, acting as a secure holding area for funds until the transaction is fully completed and all conditions are met.

When a deal is initiated, the buyer’s payment is deposited into our escrow account, which is regulated and overseen by our trusted financial partners. This account acts as an impartial safeguard, ensuring that funds are neither directly in the hands of the seller nor accessible to the buyer once transferred.

The release of these funds to the seller occurs only after the agreed terms of the transaction, such as delivery and quality verification of goods, are satisfactorily fulfilled. Our escrow system not only reinforces trust between trading parties but also provides a layer of financial protection, ensuring that each transaction is conducted fairly, transparently, and with reduced risk.

With Marvinet’s escrow deposit service, you can conduct your business transactions with greater peace of mind, knowing that your financial interests are securely protected.

Marvinet's Escrow Activities Keypoints

Pay Money to Escrow Account

Funds are stored safely

Goods are Verified and Inspected

Funds are Released to Seller

Advanced transaction security

Security As a Service both for Buyer and Seller

In the realm of global trade, security is paramount. At Marvinet, we understand this and have tailored our services to provide comprehensive security for both buyers and sellers. Our ‘Security as a Service‘ approach ensures that every transaction is enveloped in a protective layer, safeguarding the interests of all parties involved.

For buyers, this service means the assurance that their investment is protected until they receive the goods as per the agreed terms. We implement rigorous verification processes and use our escrow system to ensure that their funds are securely held until all transaction conditions are met. This approach mitigates the risk of non-delivery or misrepresentation, instilling confidence in the purchasing process.

Sellers, on the other hand, benefit from the guarantee of payment upon fulfillment of their part of the deal. Our escrow service ensures that the payment they are due is securely held and will be promptly released once they meet the transaction requirements. This security layer protects sellers from the risk of payment defaults or fraudulent activities.

By providing ‘Security as a Service‘, Marvinet creates a balanced environment where both buyers and sellers can conduct transactions with trust and confidence.

This service is a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering a secure, reliable, and transparent marketplace for international trade.

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Escrow FAQ

Questions or concerns about our transaction system?
Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you.

How do I place a listing on Marvinet?

To place a listing on Marvinet, you can use the platform’s bidding function, known internally as “Listings”, to specify the details of the listing and the terms of the negotiation you wish to undertake.

Depending on your role in the transaction (buyer or seller), you can specify whether you are looking for a product to buy (WTB) or to sell (WTS).

In any case, the creation of an offer on the platform includes a negotiation phase in which it will be possible to define and agree the terms with the counterparty. It is then possible to enter into individual negotiations with all interested users. Marvinet guarantees transparency and security at every stage of the negotiation thanks to its integrated control and verification systems.

How do I conduct my negotiations on Marvinet?

Marvinet offers integrated messaging tools that allow users to communicate and negotiate directly on the platform, facilitating the management of negotiations.

We have designed our transaction system to be as close as possible to the way our users already work on a daily basis, but to improve it and make it suitable for modern times.

Thanks to the integrated transaction system, you will be able to negotiate with your counterpart on the quantity of items to be sold at the respective unit price and the warehouse designated for the execution of checks.

What is an escrow system?

An escrow system helps protect payments and ensure compliance with agreements between parties to a transaction. Funds are held securely and released only when agreed upon conditions are met.

When will my payment be released from escrow?

The payment is released from the escrow system once the conditions agreed upon in the agreement have been met and verified. In the case of Marvinet, the checks that authorize the release of funds are delegated to our logistics partner of choice, Alpi World.

Who authorizes the movement of funds?

The movement of funds is approved by our lead escrow agent, United International Management Ltd, authorised and regulated to hold client money by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

How does payment work on Marvinet?

In the case of funds used for the balance of logistics and transaction fees, the wallet built into each user’s corporate account will be used. This wallet is prepaid and can be recharged by credit card or bank transfer.

In the case of funds used to purchase goods on the platform, we only accept payment by SWIFT/SEPA bank transfer to the bank account of our escrow agent.

Marvinet does not accept payment by cryptocurrency or any other type of currency.

What kind of goods can I sell on Marvinet?

Marvinet supports a wide range of commodity categories, allowing users to sell products that comply with applicable regulations.
Transactions related to illegal goods cannot be conducted on Marvinet. Any violation of this rule will automatically result in the suspension of the user’s account and a ban from the Marvinet platform, and in case of recurrence, even the suspension of the company.

Can I make a transaction on Marvinet using only escrow (or logistics)?

No. The security of the Marvinet platform is only guaranteed with the simultaneous use of our escrow agent and our logistics partner.

You cannot use Marvinet to conduct transactions with only one (or none) of the escrow or logistics partners.

What happens if the logistics checks fail?

If the logistical checks reveal problems or irregularities, Marvinet will ask the parties involved to resolve the matter amicably and then issue an addendum to the original contract.

If an amicable resolution is not possible, the transaction will be canceled, the goods will be returned to the seller, and the amount in escrow will be returned to the buyer.
In all cases, transaction and logistics fees, which are split between the buyer and seller, will still be due.

What happens if the funds do not arrive in full?

In case of missing or incomplete funds, Marvinet will request a supplement from the buyer before proceeding with the transaction.

What happens if the final delivery does not match?

By default, our logistics partner’s goods inspections include conformity and quantity checks of the goods. This allows us to ensure that the goods that have passed the logistics checks match what was requested at the negotiation stage.

What is EMI?

EMI (Escrow Management Interface) is an interface that allows users to efficiently manage payments and escrow for transactions on Marvinet, providing an intuitive and secure experience.

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