Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Marvinet?

Marvinet is a secure and reliable B2B trading platform that connects buyers and sellers worldwide, facilitating effective and protected trade transactions. With our bank escrow system and integrated logistic controls, we ensure the best protection service to the counterparties involved in the negotiation.

Who can use Marvinet?

Marvinet is open to companies of all sizes and industries that want to do business securely and successfully.

In which countries is Marvinet available?

Marvinet is a globally open platform that allows its users to securely conduct B2B transactions without geographical boundaries.
Currently, we cannot accept registrations and transactions from users or companies with tax residence in the following countries:

– Belarus
– Crimea
– Cuba
– Iran
– North Korea
– Russian Federation
– Syria
– Venezuela


* Answer updated on: July 3, 2023

Why should I choose Marvinet for my company?

Marvinet offers a number of benefits, including advanced security, intuitive tools, integrated logistics services, and secured and notarized transactions through the use of blockchain technology. With the services built into the platform, a company using Marvinet can completely remove any “trust” barriers to executing their transactions internationally, and only have to worry about finding the best deal available on a daily basis.

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