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A Revolutionary B2B Marketplace

Marvinet is the B2B Marketplace that simplifies and secures the execution of international trade and the identification of new counterparties with which to conduct your business.
With a fully integrated system, Marvinet is the perfect business tool to simplify and secure the conduct of your online business

What is Happening

It’s time for a change, and after years of innovation Marvinet is providing that bridge between the outdated online market of the past and that of the future, having put into what we do all the essential transformations that make our online market the most fundamental because it’s based on you and your dynamic ever-shifting needs. 

A New Way of Doing Business

A bid for Each of Your Offer

If you can imagine it, we have it, prepared and ready, every possible and potential bid available, offers you’d never thought imaginable given their flexibility and specificity. Here, all of them are ready and waiting. Whatever it is that you may be looking for, we have it.

Doing Business Your Own Way

Customizable Transactions

However you want it, in whatever way you want to reformulate the transaction, Marvinet makes it possible. Should you want more of a certain product or less, or perhaps you need more at this time or less at that time, or maybe at a lesser price, it’s all good. Marvinet’s got you covered. 

Ship how you want, where you want

Deliveries the Way You Want Them

When you want them, where you want them, how you want them, in whatever quantity you want them, Marvinet provides the space for it all to be meticulously arranged from A-to-Z so that you get the goods according to your specifications. You decide how you want it, where you want it, which products go where, how you want it shipped, and we’ll make it happen with total aplomb.

Receive a SMS, always be up to date!

Notifications for Your Favorite Products

Whether you’re selling or buying, you need to know what’s going on in real time, and our platform keeps you updated with light-speed recognition so that you know everything in the moment. The things you might be looking to buy and the buyers for the things you might be looking to sell all register on Marvinet with unbeatable immediacy. You’ll be able to begin negotiations right away.

What Are You Waiting For?
Join the other 10.000+ companies on Marvinet

With secure transactions, safe business relationships handled all over the world, and unrivaled and unimaginable flexibility, Marvinet offers you the world for you to personalize. If you’ve been burnt before with less than trustworthy options that don’t guarantee what we do with total surety, let’s get started. You won’t be having any regrets.

NO Credit card required, NO automatic billing or hidden costs


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