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Manage payment risks through escrow transactions and track every transaction with the Ethereum blockchain and our on-hold warehousing partners.

Security guaranteed

Identity verified

We protect your security with our rigorous identity verification system. Whether you are an individual or a company, we ensure accurate identification of participants to establish trusted business relationships.

The validation of the future


Our transactions are based on the security of the blockchain. We use this innovative technology to ensure the integrity and immutability of contracts. The future of trade has arrived.

Your payments protected


Funds are deposited into a specially designated escrow account, separate from sellers and buyers.

This system acts as a neutral and secure intermediary, holding funds in custody until all agreed-upon conditions are met.
Only then are they released to the seller, ensuring a reliable and risk-free transaction.

Your goods protected

On-Hold Warehousing

We handle goods and currency in the same way, managing stockpiling according to the progress of transactions.

• Goods only circulate once they have been paid into the Escrow account;
• Payment is only transacted once the goods have been verified.

In this way we guarantee the parties maximum security that the deal has gone through correctly.

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